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There has been lots of conflicting information on this topic. Many of the lottery howto web sites will say that the majority of winners are hand-picked numbers.

The 3 Best Ways to Increase Your Chances of Winning a Lottery

Smart Pick 1 with the Balance Indicator which tells you which combination are unbalanced based on the past drawing history. Please see Quick Pick Plus for more information about Balance Indicator. with Balance Indicator

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Has anyone documented what percentage of lottery winners

Quick Pick South Africa Powerball winning numbers. Smart quick picks also available for another 9 lottery games. Every quick pick is generated ONCE between draws!

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The prize pool for the Lotto Max Main Draw and Max Millions Draw(s) is based on a pari-mutuel share. A pari-mutuel share is a calculation in which the total monies allocated to a prize category are divided by the total number of winners in that category.

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Why Should I Buy A Quick Pick? According to Powerball, Quick Picks are the most popular way of buying tickets with between 70% and 80% of players opting to do this.

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Best available random generator which allows you to quick pick lottery tickets. Lotto & Powerball and every lottery you want.