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Lunchtime Results 02 July 2019 online, UK Lotto Lunch time drawn on every day. We publish the result as and when released officially.

UK 49s Lunchtime Results: Tuesday, 09 July 2019 - UK 49s

The past 30 day results for United Kingdom (UK) Lunchtime 49s with winning numbers and jackpots

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What are the hot, cold and overdue numbers? Based on all draws, the UK 49s Lunchtime lottery hot numbers are 8 and 14 and the cold numbers are 47 and 26.

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Winning Strategies For UK 49s Lunchtime Results. Most popular UK Lunchtime lotto strategies include wheeling systems for lunchtime results: full wheel, abbreviated wheel, and key number wheel.

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The latest 49s Lunchtime results from the UK pick-6 lottery draw. Includes past winning numbers, statistics and draw information.

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UK 49s Lotto is originated from London(UK Lotto Limited). It is one of the most popular betting/lotto organization among lotto players. The draw takes place in the United Kingdom and played by …

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uk lotto lunchtime This heat map shows the frequency of each of the UK 49s Lunchtime numbers in the form of a color between yellow and red. The more the color of the lotto number is towards the red, the more frequently that particular number was drawn during all UK 49s Lunchtime draws.

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